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Miso Soup 2
Soybean paste. seaweed. tofu & scallions
Tom Yum Gong 6
Thai famous hot & sour soup w. shrimp & lemon grass
Coconut Soup 5
White meat chicken in a hot & sour coconut broth
Edamame 4 Pork Gyoza 4
Organic soy beans w. sea salt Pan fried pork dumpling
Shrimp Shuimai 5 Crispy Soft Shell Crab 9
Served w. lime chili sauce Served w. honey mustard sauce
Chicken Lettuce Wrap 8 Crispy Crabmeat Ball 9
Ice berg lettuce. Hoisin sauce Served w. sweet plum sauce
Yagu Special Calamari 8 Chicken or beef Satay 7
Lightly battered w. sweet mango sauce Grilled. skewer w. Malaysian peanut sauce
Goat Cheese Wontons 7 Baby Spare Ribs 10
Served w. ginger mustard sauce Barbecued honey glaze
Seaweed Salad 5 Crabmeat Avocado Salad 7
Garden Fresh Salad 5 Ahi- Tuna Salad 8
Organic spring mix w. ginger dressing With mustard balsamic vinaigrette
Thai Chicken Salad 8 Grilled Steak Salad 9
Grilled chicken, veggies w.fresh lime dressing With citrus lime dressing
Duck Breast 19
Roasted duck breast served w. sake fruit and sun dried cherry sauce
Lemon Grass Sea Scallop 21
Skewered and pan seared served w. deep fried Asian pasta in roasted garlic pepper sauce
Filet Mignon 22
Served w. Japanese style rice cake & asparagus
Chilean Sea Bass 24
Pan seared sea bass served w. Korean black rice in herb miso sauce
Szechuan Lamb Chops 25
Served w. Brussel sprouts & wasabi mashed potato
Surf & Turf 32
Lobster tail and filet mignon served w. mandarin sauce
Grilled Chicken Breast 16
Served in green forest sauce w. fresh seasonal vegetables
Classic Shrimp Tempura 17
Served w. sweet & sour and homemade tempura sauce
Crispy Sesame Crusted Salmon 18
Served w. fresh seasonal vegetables & chopped shrimp in Asian Island sauce
Curry Seafood 19
Assorted seafood in Bangkok sauce
Spicy Mango Duo 20
Pan seared shrimp & crispy shrimp in homemade spicy mango sauce
Treasure Of The Sea 27
Lobster tail, shrimp, sea scallop & calamari w. green tea soba noodles in Penang sauce
(Served w. miso soup or house salad)
Tofu or Chicken 11 / 13
Steak or Salmon 15
(Served w. white or brown rice)
Vegetable Tempura 11
Deep fried seasonal vegetables w. house tempura sauce
Curry Vegetable 11
Mixed seasonal vegetables
Pineapple Fried Rice (chicken or shrimp) 12 / 13
Basil Fried Rice (chicken or shrimp) 12 / 13
Stir-fried Phad Thai (chicken or shrimp) 12 / 13
( Served with peanut. lime & scramble eggs )
Asian Style Angel Hair Pasta (chicken or shrimp) 12 / 13
(For kids 10 and under) Served w. Vegetables & Fries & Soda
A. Shrimp Tempura 6
B. Angel Hair Pasta 6
C. Chicken Fried Rice 6
D. Chicken Satay 6
Spicy Tuna Tortilla 8
Tartar ( tuna or salmon ) 9
Crunchy Tuna Tower 9
Mashed spicy tuna w. cracker & tempura chive flower
Tiradito 9
Salmon rolled in cucumber w. jalapeno. parsnip in yuzu miso dressing
Zebra Wrap 9
Choice of tuna. salmon or white tuna wrapped w. marble seaweed
Sashimi Q 10
Tuna Tataki 11
Yagu Style Ceviche 11
Blue Fin O-Toro Tartar W. Silken Tofu 16
Live Oyster Two Ways ( 4 pcs ) 11
Served w. ponzu sauce & yuzu tobiko or cocktail sauce
(Order by piece)
Tuna 3 Salmon 3 Eel 3
White Tuna 3 Yellowtail 3 Shrimp 3
O-Toro 9 Fluke 3 Sea Scallop 5
Baby Tuna 3 King Crab 5 Sea Urchin 5
Striped Bass 3 Egg Omelette 2 Salmon Roe 4
Spanish Mackerel 3 Crab Stick 2 Flying Fish Roe 3
(Made by brown rice $1 extra)
California 5 Yellowtail Scallions 5 Philadelphia 6
Cucumber or Avocado 4 Yellowtail Jalapeno 6 Shrimp Tempura 8
Sweet Potato Tempura 5 Salmon 4 Spider 10
Eel Avo or cucumber 5 Salmon Avo or cucumber 5 Dragon 10
Tuna 4 Salmon Jalapeno 5 Rainbow 10
Tuna Avo or cucumber 5 Salmon Skin 5 O-Toro Scallions 9
Spicy Tuna 6 Crispy Tuna 6 King Crab Avocado
Spicy Salmon 6 Crispy White Tuna 5 w. Tobiko 9
( Made by brown rice $1 extra )
Yagu King 12
Soft shell crab sweet basil jalapeno & parmesan cheese topped w. spicy tuna & BBQ ruta sauce
Angry Dragon 12
Shrimp tempura. papaya & spicy tuna topped w. king crab. kani & orange edamame sauce
Jersey Devil 12
Fried salmon tuna yellowtail onion basil mushroom & mozzarella cheese w. sukinoku sauce
Spicy Dungeon Lobster 12
Tempura lobster. cucumber. tobiko. asparagus & mango served w. spicy herb sauce
Sweet Heart 12
Crunchy spicy tuna inside fresh tuna on top
Autumn of New York 12
Crunchy king crab & kani topped w. salmon avocado & tobiko w.momiji wasabi pepper sauce
Mummy 12
Fried crab meat. shrimp & avocado topped w. spicy tuna & spicy yellowtail
Sunset Blvd. 12
Crunchy spicy tuna salmon yellowtail & avocado wrapped w. soy paper in plum sauce
Three Musketeers 12
Tuna salmon yellowtail & pesto sauce w. avocado Served w. tangy sauce & colorful tobiko
Amazing Tuna 12
Tempura white tuna. spicy tuna & avocado topped w. pepper tuna w. BBQ mango sauce
(Served w. miso soup or house salad)
Spring Maki 12 Ocean Tartar 23
California roll. salmon roll & tuna roll Special sashimi over seasonal eel rice
Summer Maki 14 Sushi For Two 45
Spicy tuna. spicy salmon & spicy yellowtail 16 pcs of sushi & 6 pcs of haku sushi
Aquarium Sushi 21 w. shrimp tempura & tuna avocado roll
9 pcs assorted sushi w. eel avocado roll
Aquarium Sashimi 23 Sushi & Sashimi For Two 47
16 pcs assorted sashimi 8 pcs of sushi 15 pcs of sashimi
w. a chief special roll
A. Lunch Rolls
( Served w. miso soup or house salad )
Any Two Rolls 8 Any Three Rolls 10
Tuna California Spicy Tuna or Salmon
Tuna Avo or Cucumber Yellowtail Philadelphia
Salmon Boston Shrimp Avo or Cucumber
Salmon Avo or Cucumber A.A.C Eel Avo or Cucumber
B. Lunch Boxes
(Served w. miso soup house salad shuimai & spring roll)
Chicken Teriyaki 10 Steak Teriyaki 10 Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 10
Shrimp Teriyaki 10 Salmon Teriyaki 10 Sushi (4 pcs) or Sashimi (7 pcs ) 10
C. Sushi or Sashimi lunch
( Served w. miso soup or house salad )
Sushi (7 pcs of assorted sushi & California roll) 10
Sashimi ( 10 pcs of assorted sashimi) 10
Sushi & Sashimi ( 3 pcs of sushi 7 pcs of sashimi & tuna roll ) 11
D. Lunch Dishes
( Served w. miso soup or house salad )
Stir-fried Phad Thai (Chicken or Shrimp) 8 / 9
Asian Style Angel Hair Pasta (Chicken or Shrimp) 8 / 9
Basil Fried Rice (Chicken or Shrimp) 8 / 9
Pineapple Fried Rice (Chicken or Shrimp) 8 / 9
Mango Chicken 9
Sweet & Sour Shrimp 9
Sesame White Meat Chicken 8
Curry Seafood 11